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Crisis Management; Nothing New For Women

Over the past few weeks, like you I’m sure, I’ve been rifling through the endless content on Covid-19, sourced to me through streams of newsletters, tweets, alerts, and other digital postings. I’ve also been speaking with Women In The Boardroom members about how they’re managing the current crisis personally and professionally.

Among the information I’ve been consuming and the conversations I’ve been having, a few themes stand true to me.... Continue Reading

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Our VIP member, Denise Kuprionis is a governance expert and has shared 9 great tips on Board Governance for These Challenging Times.

She has also shared her Tips For More Effective Board Meetings.

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Date: April, 21

Topic: Audit Committee Best Practices

Our panel of experts will discuss how audit committees can effectively discharge their responsibilities, and detail some “best practices” that can serve as valuable guideposts in planning the important work of the audit committee.

Women in the Boardroom Founder and CEO, Sheila Ronning, was recently featured by Helga Svendsen on her podcast, "Take On Board". Helga is a dynamic and challenging facilitator, coach, trainer, consultant and speaker. She specializes in empowering people and organizations to be clear on their roles and plans to make the world a better place.

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Female Leadership: What Is Causing The Stagnation?

by Sheila Ronning for Newsmax

According to the US Department of Labor, women make-up almost half of the country’s workforce, yet the percentage of women in senior leadership roles and the C-suite continues to stagnate. Further underlining the struggle, women hold only 4% of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies, based on research by the Rockefeller Foundation...

Member Testimonial

"The strength and energy Sheila Ronning has is incredible. She builds up women more than she could ever imagine."

- Becky Pratt

President, Mattan Pratt Consulting, LLC